The gaming world is a full of hard games and some deep puzzles, but here you can play the game, which will give you a hard time to win but also make you joy while playing. I want to introduce you the best puzzle game in the flash world. This is the Mahjongg Dimensions, flash version of the most famous puzzle game, and now you can play it here for free. There you have to solve the most awesome and interesting puzzle, but the game situation is so intense and you have to use your math skills and also logic. The reason of that is simple, this isn't an ordinary game and every shuffle will give you pleasure.

This game will help you to train your emotions and improve observation skills with fun tasks. The developers of the Mahjongg Dimensions has made a whole new concept of puzzle style and create a modern flash game with advanced gameplay, which gives you the opportunity to accomplish a really hard missions without a big effort. But, if you want a high score and worthy place in top scorers world list, you need to play hard and as fast as you can. Because, the time is the main priority of this awesome game.

The controls of this game are simple

  • When you find a right cube, just click on it with the mouse to choose and activate it
  • After every click, you can shuffle your board with the mouse click
  • To turn cubes on the left, press the Left arrow key
  • To turn your cubes on the right side, press the Right arrow key


Unlike the other ordinary puzzle games, here you can enjoy with the cool gameplay. It gives you a perfect chance to learn about the game really quickly and win. To do so, you need to find two cubes with same visual and collect them at the same time. But, it is not as easy as it seems at the first glance. The reason of that is simple, you only can choose the cubes, which has two free corners and you have to find them really quickly, because after every round, you have less and less time to complete the mission.

After every destroyed cube, you can reorganize the cube system on the board with just a simple click on the "shuffle" button, which gives you whole new line up of cubes with different pattern. When you collect the same cubes fast, it gives you bonus points and extra time as a reward for your good play.

The main idea of the game

Mahjongg Dimensions is the really awesome puzzle style flash game, which has a literally extraordinary scenario. There you have to match the same cubes and do it with given time, in other case, you will lose. The main task in this game is that, you have to be fast and collect as many same cubes as you can, also you can get an awesome achievements, which will help you to be a better in the next round.

Achievements and goals

This game will give you so many opportunities to make your play time more fun and exciting, like there are achievements, which will really help you while the intense situations of this game.

  • Speed Match Combo - You'll activate a points multiplier, if you match a two cube couple within just 3 second
  • Multimatch Combo - You'll get the bonus points, if you match several of the same image type cube in a row, but this is really hard after a first round.
  • Time Bonus - After every round, you'll get bonus points for beating the level and that amount of points is based on how much time you had left in the previous round. So, be fast and this game will definitely please you with its amazing gameplay.